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Life unexpected.

In the adoption community there is a little something called "gotcha day". Gotcha day is the day that families first meet their new little one. Many families celebrate this day with a birthday like celebration, while other families choose to have a more low key approach to the day. While reading through some blogs, I discovered that there is some controversy over the whole "gotcha day" thing- and I get it- what is a joyful celebration for the adoptive family can also be a day marked with brokenness and pain for the child as this is the day they left their foster family, or left the orphanage. Its the day they leave behind a life full of the only memories they have. Regardless of if you celebrate it or not, the day is significant. 
I remember clearly the butterflies that swelled in my stomach as our plane taxied to the gate at the Entebbe airport when we went to Uganda to adopt Bridget. I was a nervous wreck as we walked out of customs and scanned the airport for the…

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