The heavens declare!

There are days in a homeschooling mom's life that are just plain hard.  Discouraging.  Agonizing.  Even dull.  The everyday routine of being both mom and teacher can be overwhelming, and I'll be honest, there are day's I want to throw in the towel and walk away from it all. (But throwing in the towel would just create more laundry, and who wants that?!?!).  Today started out as one of those days.

We had a late start (like we do EVERY SINGLE MORNING) and as I was cleaning up from breakfast, I look over to see my 7 year old eating her pancakes like a ravenous wolf, one whole pancake at a time (a trait I'd like to blame her daddy for...) and my 6 year old eating syrup...with her hands.  Are you kidding me? So after some head shaking, finger wagging and a monologue on manners, we move past the caveman behavior and start school

 By lunch I was exhausted and was doing the "why did I sign up for this" bit in my head.  I'll be honest - there are times when I can think of 1000 other things I'd rather do than be homeschooling my kids.  Go ahead - judge me.  But there it is - I don't always love or rejoice in the fact that I homeschool.  I know God wants me to, and some days, that's all I have to motivate me, but homeschooling goes against my nature.  I want to be served - not serve.  I want a neat and tidy house - homeschooling is not neat and tidy.  I want to do what I want to do - homeschooling does not give me that luxury.  But, Oh!  I am so thankful that I homeschool.  God is using this to refine me, to rid me of sin, selfishness and laziness.  Homeschooling is hard not only because of the time and work involved to teach my kids, but also because of the growth and refinement that is happening in me. 

We started science and geography after lunch and were learning about Norway and the northern lights.  As we were watching this video: 

 the same kid who was earlier eating her pancakes one whole pancake at a time, says to me, "Mom!  it's like God is showing us His glory!  And since He is the one who made the sun and our atmosphere, it is His glory because it's His creation".  I was reminded of Psalm 19:1

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."

And can I say, I have never linked this verse to the northern lights - but my seven year old that eats pancakes like a ravenous wolf did.  She was in awe.  She ran to her sisters, looked up the verse in my bible and read it to them and explained to them the beauty of the northern lights and how is was God's creative way to show us more of Him.

And there is was.  The reason I homeschool.  On a day I wanted to throw in the towel I was reminded why I do this.  On a day I wanted  to whine about my husband not being home I instead was reminded to be thankful for a husband who works 2 jobs so I can stay home to do this. On a day that I could have thought of 1000 things I would rather do than homeschool,  I now sat in amazement that my 7 year old is making connections between geography, science, creation and the Bible and seeing God's glory in it all!

Some homeschool days are hard.  Some are fun.  Sometimes your kids learn nothing, and some days they learn a lot.  And sometimes, you, the homeschooling mom are taught the most.


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