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It is hard to believe that this time last year we were just submitting our adoption application...I know that 12 months doesn't seem like that long to wait, but considering I only had to wait 9 months for my other kids, it has seemed like an eternity!

Those of you that have adopted or are adopting know that a majority of your time is spent waiting.  Waiting for approval of this, waiting to fill out paperwork for that...in fact, I have come to discover that the secret motto of adoption is "Hurry up and wait!"  And wait we have...but let me tell you, these past two weeks have been a whirlwind.

We knew we were approaching our referral (as we were next in line...yes, I am a math genius) and yes, we were anxiously waiting.  But, we were also thankful it was taking a while, because after accepting our referral we would need to pay half of our adoption fees.  With our puzzle fundraiser we had raised almost half of those fees.  I have said it before and I'll say it again, when it comes to the financial part of this adoption, I am an emotional wreck.  I know that God will provide for this adoption, (it has been the how I have had trouble with).  But all along I have had a sense that we would have our adoption fees met at time of referral (or at least the first half).  Well, 2 weeks ago we got the news that our beloved social worker was stepping down and quitting her job to move onto other things.  While we were happy for her to move on to new adventures, we were a wee bit freaked out at what that meant for us.  Distraught, I went for a walk to check the mail (why can't mail boxes be at the front of the house like the good ol' days?) and there, in the mail box was a letter from Show Hope.  Now, remember, we have already had TWO grant rejection letters, so my heart sank even more as I expected more bad news...but alas!  It wasn't bad news at all!  It was great, fantastic, WONDERFUL news!  We had gotten a grant!  And not just any grant, but a grant just the right size to complete all our adoption fees!

Fast forward 4 days later and we got our referral.  Did you just get goosebumps?  Because I did.  God is SO AMAZING!  All the money for the adoption fees in place days before we got our referral.  I am humbled by His provision and faithfulness even in the midst of my panicking, pity partying and doubt.

So, about our referral....

It wasn't exactly what we anticipated.  We figured we would adopt within birth order because that makes sense, right?  But once again, God doesn't always do things in a way that makes sense to us.  This little girl is 3 months older than our youngest, so we would have two four year old's. TWO!  We were taken back at first and didn't quite know what to think, so we decided to ask a few more questions and  also pray for a few days.  It is funny though, the more we thought about it, the more having an older child made sense - and as an added "hmmm, is this you, Lord?" thing, Autumn has been very vocal about wanting to stay the baby...well, if we say yes, she would still be the baby...(not that we make decisions based on our 4 year old daughter's unrealistic demands...well, not always)

The next day we got a picture of a group of kids for our agency, all around the same age, but we had no idea  who was who or which one was our referral!  We narrowed it down to two girls that looked like they were the youngest, but were not sure - but one of those girls struck a cord with us and we were drawn to her. I prayed a little "if you want us to accept this referral, let it be this girl" kind of prayer.  We waited through the rest of the week/weekend for more info and this morning I received a new picture.  Can you guess which kid it was?  Yep.  The little girl we were drawn to.  Another goosebump moment, I know.

So, we have accepted this referral.  We are so very excited and freaked out at the same time!  We have some paperwork stuff we have to do since she is older than we thought, but it shouldn't be too much of a delay (I hope!)  Then, all our stuff gets sent off to Uganda and we wait for a court date!  Can you believe it? 12 months of waiting and things just got turned up to warp speed!

We still have miles to go (and thousands of dollars to raise) but God has met us so faithfully every step of the way!  I trust that somehow we will get money for travel and legal fees - (and in case you were wondering, we still have puzzle pieces available!  $10 gets you a piece of our puzzle!  click here for more info) And we know that there are still more unknowns, twist and turns on the road ahead, but for know, we just rest in the grace, the love and the hope that God has shown us.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, love and support.  We look forward to the next step, but until then, we will hurry up and wait.


  1. hip hip hooray!!!!!

  2. This is incredible! My husband and I are in Albuquerque- also with Adoptions Plus. : ) We are just about in the same place as you are... We saw the same photo and found our girl, hopefully! Good luck as you continue down the road of adoption. We may end up in Uganda at the same time!

    1. Dearuganda - I am excited for your little girl as well! What a blessing it will be to have children from the same orphanage together in the same city! Please keep me updated on your little one!

    2. Definitely! We will be happy to arrange play dates. : ) Keep us updated on your journey, too.

    3. Dearuganda- it was nice to meet you guys at the fundraiser! I am praying for you guys and wisdom in the decisions ahead! Please keep me updated!

  3. Melissa
    Would you mind emailing me?
    We're also adopting from Uganda and I'd love to ask you some questions!


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