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It has been a while since I have written an update on our adoption.  Any of you that have gone through this process know that 99% of your time is spent waiting.  Waiting for paperwork, waiting for court dates, waiting for approval of paperwork, waiting, waiting waiting.  Well, if you haven't guessed, that is where we are.  Waiting.

We received our I-600a approval (fancy talk for immigration paperwork).  All our piles of paperwork are being sent to Uganda, and we should hopefully get our referral at the end of the summer.  At that time, we need to pay half our adoption fees.  Then we wait  for a court date.  Then we wait more (do you see a trend here?)  Then, eventually, we will get to travel and pick up our precious daughter.  There are still a great number of unknowns (length of time in Uganda being the biggest one- will it be one long trip or will we need to take two?)  But God has been showing us all along this journey, that everything will happen in His perfect timing.  And so we wait.

Some of you have asked what exactly are the costs of adoption - so I thought I would break it down for you:

Application - $350
Home Study - $1,600
Adoption fees - $13,000
Travel - $1,800 round trip/per person
Adoption Lawyer - $2,000 +
Then there are other fees (birth mother fund, passports, visas, vaccinations, Dr. visits, money to cover expenses while gone/away from work etc.)

All in all, we are needing to raise $20-25,000 to bring our daughter home.  We have applied for grants, but they are far and few between and are also very competitive with preference going to couples with no children.  We have already received one "rejection" letter for a grant.  

I am not going to lie - the financial side of the adoption has been one of the most difficult for me.  Theologically, I know God can provide.  I have seen His provision so many times, not only in our life, but also the lives of others.  I know He can provide.  But I look at that $25,000 amount and I am consumed with doubt.  I look at our bank account and look at the adoption fees, and there is a mighty big gap.  When we received that first "I'm sorry, but" letter for the grant, I had a mini breakdown.  I thought "for sure, this is how God will provide!  It just makes sense!  It is the easiest, quickest way for us to have a large portion of our adoption paid for (short of robbing a bank)."  It just made sense to me!  Why wouldn't we get the grant? Forget the fact that over 350 other families applied for the grant, with a total of $3 million being requested, but only $75,000 available for distribution...This made sense!  But we do not serve a God that always does things the "sensible" way.

I teach the 3rd -5th graders Wednesday nights at church, and this past week our lesson was on how God provides for us in unique ways.  The story was about Elijah and how God provided for him by having the ravens bring him food.  I got to thinking about all the unique way God has provided for His children.  He had food rain down from heaven for the Israelites, money in the mouth of a fish for Peter to pay taxes with, put mud in the eyes of a blind man to restore sight,told Naaman to take a bath to heal his leprosy...the list could go on and on.  He could have handled any of these situations in a "more sensible" way.  He could have had the Israelites wander into a McDonald's, could have given the blind man some  eye drops,  given Namaan some OTC medication, maybe deliver a pizza to Elijah and give Peter his pocket change - but no.  He choose unique ways to provide for His children so they would know  without a doubt that it was HIS provision, and HE would get the glory.

Since when does God always make sense?  What fun would that be?  So, we may or may not get some grant money - but I am not holding my breath.  I think He has some un-sensible provision coming our way.  Something amazing that will scream "GOD DID THIS"!  

I can't wait.

And perhaps, He wants you to be a part of His unique provision!  We have prayed a lot about the whole "fundraising"  thing and have gone back and forth on what the balance is on soliciting others for help and just letting God provide.  There needs to be a balance, and for the most part, we have been reserved about asking for help.  We have been blessed with some friends doing fundraisers for us and we did a garage sale, and God has been so faithful to bless those events. Now we come before you friends, family and perhaps even strangers and ask that you would prayerfully consider being a part of our adoption.

We will be doing a puzzle fundraiser.  

We have bought this beautiful  1000 piece puzzle and the way it works is like this:

For $10, a person/family purchases 1 piece of the jigsaw puzzle. We will write the name of the person/family on the back of the piece(s) purchased.

When all the pieces have been purchased we will put the puzzle together and display it in our home as a reminder of the support and love shown to us and our daughter during the adoption process.

We are really excited about this fundraiser and hope that you will consider sharing this with your friends and family as well.  

Thank you for your continued love, encouragement and most of all, prayer!  We can't wait till our daughter is home and we can share the beautiful love story of how God uniquely provided for her to come into our hearts and home.

With Love, 
The Solecki's


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