Dinner Drama

I'll be honest, I do not enjoy cooking.  I never really learned to cook or participated in the kitchen growing up, so my adult life has been spent trying to catch up and figure the kitchen out.

  It wasn't so bad when I had to cook for just myself - I could pour me a bowl of cereal and call it a night.
 After getting married, I would attempt to cook, but my idea of cooking was busting out a bag of pasta-roni and saying "voila!"  Once I became a stay at home mom, I figured I should try and figure this cooking thing out. I am now a decent cook (meaning, my food is edible, not creative, but it won't give you dysentery, so it's good.)  Little did I know that becoming a mother would not only be the catalyst for me learning to cook, but it would also turn me into a short order cook.

None of the girls like the same cereal.  Two like butter on their pancakes, one only likes syrup.  One likes grape juice, the other two hate it.  One likes soup, only one likes spaghetti sauce on their noodles, while another only likes butter, while the third likes certain pastas with certain sauces on certain days depending on the alignment of the planets and the phases of the moon.

Dinner is our hardest meal of the day.  I can pour three different bowls of cereal  no problem.  I can make different types of sandwiches or snacks at lunch with ease....but dinner.  Dinner is where the drama is.
Tonight's drama was brought to you by chicken and rice soup and sweet potato biscuits.  Two of the three children looked at dinner and then looked at me with disgust.  Soup?  For dinner?  Why don't I just feed them moldy dog poop, because it might as well have been the same! "But there are green things in it" (celery and peas)  "and it has white stuff" (rice).  God forbid they even take a bite before deeming it inedible and disgusting.

I say "this is what we are eating, eat it or go to bed hungry".  After all, I did spend ALL day making it!  (ok, I made it in the crock pot, but it did take all day, so it counts, right?)  Well, child one gobbles it up happily and is done before the other two can even summon the courage to take a "nibble".  Child two, after much reservation and trembling of lip finally eats half a bowl.  Child three....well, child three sent me to my neighbors house to deliver some stuff so there wouldn't be a SWAT situation at our home.  She cried.  She gagged.  She negotiated.  She begged for mercy.

Me?  I gave up.

The Bible says that man cannot live on bread alone...this child is challenging that verse as she primarily lives off of goldfish crackers.

Now, this particular child has always been difficult.  We fought and fought to get her to eat different foods as a baby/toddler.  Apparently she is much smarter than us, because we have lost every battle.  But I am determined to win the war.  We decided that we didn't want to make food an issue - so we made the rule that she had to at least try the food before she decided she didn't like it, and if she didn't like it, fine, she didn't have to eat it, but that was it.  There would be no substitutions or snacks.

Sounds reasonable, right?  Surely she would get hungry and eat what she needed to eat. WRONG!  This child has the amazing ability to turn off her hunger signals and wait till morning. 

UGH!  And you know what kills me?  She eats a handful of foods, and yet SHE is the healthiest of us all.  She never gets sick, has no health issues, has lots of energy and is growing just fine.

So, anyway, back to not liking to cook...

tomorrow we order out.


  1. too funny! the soup sounded good, though...post the recipe!


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