And baby makes 6!!!!!!!

Well, there is big news coming from the Solecki home....WE ARE ADOPTING!!!!!!!  I know, crazy right?  As if I aren't frazzled enough!  But this has been something God has been orchestrating since I was 16 years old.  So how did we come to the decision to adopt?  Well, let me tell you...

Once upon a time, I was 16.  It was a long, long time ago, I know....but it's true.  I was 16.  And I was in Romania.  I was on my first mission trip overseas and had the opportunity to visit children in orphanages while there.  My heart was broken for these children... Many sat in cribs all day with the only interaction being a caretaker bringing them a bottle a few times throughout the day.  There was no one to hold them, play with them, read to was one of those life changing moments...being 16 it gave me a whole new perspective on life.  In that moment, a seed was planted and though the years it would grow into the burden we have today to bring another child into our home.  

Both Mike and I have been fortunate to travel overseas and both of us have spent time in orphanages in other countries.  Adoption was something we talked about from day one...maybe more me than him, but it was talked about.  I was able to go to Romania again when I was 20 and spend more time in the orphanages and it only confirmed my desire to adopt one day.  I was also blessed to nanny 2 little girls adopted from Korea while in college and some of our closest friends have adopted.  All these experiences have shaped our heart for adoption over the years.

When we had Autumn, we knew that she would be our last biological child.  After a complicated pregnancy, difficult labor and post pregnancy complications, I was good to retire the ol' uterus.  When Autumn was 9 months old, I had to have surgery that confirmed that the old factory was to be shut down.  God was so gracious to prepare our hearts beforehand.  When we heard the news that we wouldn't be able to have any more kids, we were 100% ok with that.  What, no more gaining 45 pounds?  No heart burn, leg cramps, stretch marks, swollen feet and 18 hours of labor?!?!?!  I could live with that.  Especially because we knew...we knew that one day we would adopt, and had we had a 4th biological child, we would not be as open to adoption.  (lets face it, these little people are expensive!)

So, fast forward to January 2011.  God started to move.  My heart for adoption began to ache.  Me and the girls all got the stomach flu and I spent my recovery watching the show '16 and Pregnant' (don't judge).  I told Mike that maybe God wanted us to intervene in a crisis pregnancy.  We began to pray.  A week later, a young woman I know found herself pregnant...

While we obviously didn't adopt that child, God used that incident to push us forward into this decision.  We prayed, we met with our good friend/adoptions counselor, we prayed some more.  We researched adoption programs, we met with the adoption agency, we had a core group of friends pray with us/for us and at the end of the summer we felt that God wanted us to step out in faith and take the plunge.

Originally we wanted to adopt from Thailand.  With my involvement in Five Stones International, we wanted to adopt from a country with a high incidence of human trafficking.  After some research and a pre-application we were told we had too many kids and too little money to adopt from most Asian programs (including Thailand).  The country we did qualify for was Uganda...the same country our adoptions counselor and long time friend had recommended for us.

So, Uganda it is. 
We are so very excited to add another child into our home.  (We haven't specified a gender - we figure you don't get to choose when you are pregnant - but the girls are hoping for a sister).

We are excited to see what God does.

We do not have a bank account full of money ready to fund this adoption, but we know that God can provide.  We feel that if this is His will, the money will come.  Nothing is to big for Him.  So, here we are,  stepping out in faith and about to embark on a journey of a lifetime and we hope you will come with us!
We covet your prayers!  We hope to use this blog as a platform to keep you all updated and involved in the process.

If you feel led to contribute to our adoption, you can make a donation in our name to our adoption agency Adoptions Plus.


  1. OHHHHH, congratulations...I am sooo happy for you. You just keep amazing me everyday. God is good. Blessed wishes are sent your way and upward for everything to go as planned.

  2. Your blog made me cry. Thinking about babies in need is so hard, and there are so many. You are a saint in every sense of the word! Congratulation, I'm so excited for you and your family!!

  3. I am THRILLED for you guys!
    We will be in fervent prayer alongside you. We too are on the road to adoption, and it is amazing to see God move in this way.
    God bless you both for heeding Him. Praying for your new addition too!

    Tamara & Matt Shope

  4. Wow, Melissa! I am so stoked for you and Mike and the girls! I can't think of any better couple for God to entrust with this blessing. You and Mike are two of the most amazing Godly people I've ever met and you're an incredible inspiration to me. God bless you as you take this journey.

    Love, Gayle Bost


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