10 years, a cabin and tee shirts.

Today my husband and I celebrate 10 years of marriage.  10!!!!!  I didn't think we would even make it through the first year, let alone 10!  But God is good, and this marriage is a testimony to that goodness.

We have had our fair share of struggles and there were times when I wanted to give up.  There were times I felt trapped.  There were times the phrase "till death do us part" would cross my mind and I thought "well, who is it going to be? Me or him?"  Marriage has been the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, but it has also brought me the most growth, countless blessings and more joy than i could ever imagine.  I can honestly say that this has been the best year of our marriage. So, what made this year different?  Well, that phrase "till death do us part" had a lot to do with it.  There was a death in our marriage, but it brought us closer rather then separating us.  I began to see my need to die to my flesh.  To die to my selfish desires and ambitions.  To stop focusing on what I thought my husband should do and focus on what I knew God wanted me to do.  Our marriage took a drastic change this past year, and I give God all the glory.  A lot changed when we took a class on biblical counseling and our hearts were rocked to the core.  The class changed the way the dealt with conflict, changed how we discipline our children, how we approached problems in general.  God used that class to put Mike and I on the same page again.   I look forward to what God has in store for the next 10 years.  I know we will still face trials, have ups and downs, fight, and I am sure I might want to throw in the towel a time or two, but I know that I have a marriage worth fighting for and that I have a husband that willing to love me even at my worst.  I pray that I continue to die in this marriage and that this marriage can be a testimony of God's goodness to those we meet.

My friend (and excellent blogger) Shaena, wrote a great post recently on how death changed her marriage as well, find it here and see how death can save your marriage as well.
I am beyond excited to be celebrating 10 years of marriage with my husband.  He planned a wonderful night out for us.  He took me to a new hotel in town that used to be an old psychiatric hospital - when I asked him why he chose that hotel, he said "because I am crazy in love with you...."(insert "Awwwwwwwe" here.)  We went to a fancy schmacy dinner that didn't have a kids menu or crayons AND we went to a movie that didn't have any animated fairies, animals or princesses! All in all, and wonderful time. 

We then got to spend some time up in a mountain cabin with some great friends of ours.  You would think my kids had never seen nature the way they were running around, exploring everything.  We got to go sledding, make snow angels, eat non-yellow snow and just hang out as a family.  It was such a treat and a blessing. 

We also received GREAT news that we were approved for an adoption fundraiser with an incredible company, Wild Olive Tees.  For every Tee shirt that people order from the Adoption Line (using our family code), we get money towards our adoption.  At the end of our fundraiser (it lasts 8 weeks) they will send a check to our adoption agency to go toward our costs.  This was a great unexpected surprise because we have been praying about how we would pay for our upcoming home study fees.

If you are interested in purchasing a Tee (or want to pass the information onto friends) go to Wild Olive Tees, order a shirt from their Adoption line and put in our family code SOLECKI1120 at check out. 

So, as you can see, we have a lot we are thankful for this Thanksgiving, and at the top of that list is 10 years, a cabin and tee shirts.


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