Keeping the Change

So, this past week we were in the D.C. area after my brother in laws wedding.   We were able to meet up with some dear friends and cruise around our nations capitol.  One of the stops we made was to the National History Museum.  Our friends had left earlier in the day and Mike left to get the car to pick us up in front of the museum while the girls and I finished up looking at butterflies and jewels. 
At this point in the day, the girls were exhausted.  Autumn had passed out in the stroller, Kaylee was begging for the ice cream daddy had promised her and Naomi was melting in the "heat" (anything above or below room temperature is unbearable for her).  As we exited the museum, I faced the challenge of getting down the many stairs with the stroller (I don't even know where the ramp was)  As I struggled to navigate  through the crowds and down the stairs, a sweet homeless man came running up, grabbed the bottom of the stroller and helped me down the stairs.  He told me to have a nice day, and went back to his spot under a tree.  As I bought Kaylee her ice cream, I asked if I could buy him anything, but he politely declined.  I gave him a few dollars that I had left, thanked him again, and we went our way.
The encounter left me thoughtful.  Here was this man who seemingly had nothing to offer.  No money.  No car.  No food.  Yet out of the swarming crowd around, he was the only person who acted when he saw a need.  His simple act made my day.  He asked nothing in return, even though he was homeless and easily could have.  He simply served out of the kindness in his heart.
It is convicting to say, that this man has a more generous heart than I do.
I was reminded that even the smallest gesture can mean the most to people.  

This man did more then help me get my sleeping toddler down the stairs in her stroller....he touched my heart.  That's some change I want to keep.


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