Confessions of a homeschool mom

Probably the number one question I get asked about homeschooling is "do you like it?"

Do I like I like it...

Well, I don't hate it.  It has it perks.  There is no rushing for the school bus or packing lunches in a panic.  We get to go on fun field trips and study things that really interest us.  And there are the sweat pants and pajama days, the 1:00 shower and breakfast break I get because I had to scramble in the morning to prepare for school...and lets not forget the non - stop time we get to spend together!

All fantastic things. 

But there are some down sides.  I have all the responsibility and receive all the blame.  When the girls grow up to be illiterate, happy meal makers, I don't exactly get to blame the failing educational system.  There is also the neglect.  I know what you are thinking: "neglect?  how can you neglect your kids?  you are homeschooling!"  Have you ever tried to teach fractions while a clingy 2 year old attaches herself to your leg and screams for gum and Elmo?  Poor kid.  She is appeased by sweet confections, DVD's and occasional projects like play-doh and stickers.  I am sure those things will transer into a full ride scholarship to Harvard eventually...

Neglect carries itself over to to the other girls.  As soon as school is done, it is time to neglect them so I can tend to my neglected house. 

I know, I know...I am sounding like a Negative Nancy.  Not exactly an infomercial for homeschooling, am I?  Well....I do love a good infomercial, and I definitely feel like the black and white, before mom with frizzed out hair....

It is not all that bad.  And tonight I was reminded what will have me scrambling tomorrow morning for what to teach the girls.  At Awana's, Kaylee's teacher pulled me aside and told me how impressed he was at her depth of knowledge and encouraged me to continue doing whatever I was doing. 

I love how God gives us just what we need when we need it.

So, persevere Moms!  Push forward.  It's worth it.  Really, it is.



  1. You go girl! You're an awesome mommy and teacher! Don't let that devil drag you down!


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