Super mom? super not.

Maybe I should be flattered that my children think I possess super powers.  Apparently I should be able to make a pot of water boil instantly so that their mac and cheese can be made almost instantaneously.  I should have juice dispensing fingers so that at a moments notice I could quench their thirst, even if we are driving 90 mph down the freeway and they are two rows back.  I should be flattered that they think I can magically do everything at once, from cooking their dinner, to wiping their smelly little booties, to finding their missing shoe.  Apparently I can do it all, and I should be able to do it all "now".

I am amazed at how much like my children I am when it comes to my relationship with the Lord.  I stand there in His kitchen asking every 20 seconds "is the water boiling yet?"  "This is taking forever!!!!!!"  "I'm starving!" (even though I just ate apple slices and goldfish crackers 20 minutes ago.....).  I stand there with impatient sighs, pouty lips and a sulking stature for Him to do whatever it is I want Him to do.  And I want it "now".

Time is a hard thing to understand.  My girls will often ask "how much longer?"  Because I am a good mother and I make sure they watch plenty of T.V. (for educational purposes, of course) I relate time to lengths of videos.  "It will take as long as a Veggie Tales."   And since they don't fully understand things like "in three days" or "in a few months", I will make a calender for them to visually see how long something will take.  God's timing is no easier to understand.  I am in the middle of a very hectic, exhausting, growing season, and I keep asking "how much longer, Lord?"  And though He hasn't given me a time frame, I know He will get me to wherever I am going.

All that to say, it is exhausting being a super hero to your kids, but we find our strength in a real Hero, Christ.   You may be going through a veggie tales season that is just short lived, or maybe you are in a mini series that seems to go on forever, but His timing is perfect.  You aren't going to starve to death.  The noodles are almost done, just get out of the kitchen and let Him cook.


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