Can I get a steaming hot side of "guilt" with that?

We are starting week two of our homeschool adventure.  I am feeling much better this week about things...well, I was until I logged onto facebook  and saw all the mommies with their cute little kindergartners and their too big for them backpacks on their way to the first day of school. 

Guilt came over me.  Am I this horrible human being for depriving my child of this "obvious" right of passage?  Where is her Disney princess backpack?  Her Hannah Montana lunch box?  Her "hello, my name is" sticker?!?!

Sigh.  Why does being a mom come with so much guilt? Sometimes I feel like I am on "Deal or no Deal" and the rest of my child's future depends on which suitcase I open.  Will it be the million dollars, or did I risk it all to walk away with fifty cents? 

I know it is just kindergarten.  What is she really missing?  I taught kindergarten for a few years.  I'll tell you what she is missing - a boy licking Mr. Potato Heads butt, kids making "magic potion" on the playground (don't touch it - it's their pee), temper tantrums, sand fights.....yep.  good stuff. 

I was about to drown my sorrows into some sort of empty calories when I checked my e-mail and found an encouraging note from a woman I don't know (but we share mutual friends - its the magic of facebook).  It was just what my guilt ridden heart needed to hear.

So often I tell other women to pray and do what is best for THEIR family.  Not to judge their insides with others outsides.  To be OBEDIENT to what God is calling them to do.  I OBVIOUSLY need to listen to my own counsel.  This is what is best for our family right now. 

So what to do with all those guilt trips?  Lets hope I can earn some frequent flyer miles from them, because I am sure after all this, I will need a vacation.


  1. Thanks for that! I'm not only feeling guilty about considering homeschooling, I'm feeling guilty about not trying to teach him a pre-school curriculum because everyone else is.

    But really, we know that our son will be overwhelmed in a classroom environment, so we're keeping him here. And I know teachers have cpr training, but I still worry that should he have a crazy reaction because of his many severe food allergies, they wouldn't get the epi to him soon enough.

    And finally, my mom went to school in the 50s. She happened to be in CA at kindergarten time, and went to a school that was considered progressive at the time because it HAD kindergarten.

    So, I'm trying to remember those things, and overlook the guilt trips that head my way daily. Sigh.

    And all I remember from kindergarten was the day I spelled my middle name right, and the day a girl in my class left her teddy bear outside in the rain and was weeping until the teacher went out to get it...mud and all.

  2. awww, girl! guilt has your number! and mine, too. it's a right of passage into get a big box of guilt and a list of all the "sayings" your mom used on you. i'm sure that K is well-served by having a professional teacher as her private teacher! (isn't it great that you are putting to use all of that education you paid for?) personally, i am glad that she doesn't have a hannah montana lunch box! love!


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